Najiva Timothee

Najiva Timothee is the CEO and Founder of The Consult Table. She is a leadership coach and mentor who specializes in Performance Management. She graduated from Broward College where she studied Business Management and Leadership. She began working for one of the largest retail and pharmacy store chain in the US, Walgreens. She worked diligently as a leader for 14 years. As a leader for Walgreens, Najiva had to build and lead teams, manage performance, coach and develop team members, develop action plans, and establish communication foundations. Her leadership skills, performance management skills, and business performance management have helped her to cultivate a passion to help people to grow, develop and advance to new levels. This led her to start her own coaching practice where she can make an

Najiva Timothee
Founder and CEO

impact and add value to people’s lives. Najiva started her business The Consult Table to serve and inspire leaders by adding value to them and help them to tap into their potential and inner strengths to achieve great results in their performance. She helps small business owners and their team to develop leadership qualities and skills needed to run a successful business.

Najiva is also a certified leadership coach with the John Maxwell Team.